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I am delighted, at the beginning of our fourth year of opening, to be leading a school which received a judgement of ‘the very top end of good’ in our recent Ofsted inspection (May 2019) . Our vision for the school is to create the perfect learning environment for your child and we believe that we are getting very close to that. The perfect learning environment is one where support is always available when required but where the overall ethos is one of challenge and aspiration. It is a school where the children are given the widest possible range of experiences including ensuring that they develop a healthy lifestyle – plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and a good understanding of how to keep safe and, wherever possible, taking the learning outdoors. It is one that engenders an appreciation of diversity and difference and which celebrates that diversity. We particularly want our children to value our more elderly members of the community and, as such, we are committed to our ethos of being a ‘dementia friendly’ school.

As Principal, I also want the children to genuinely want to come to school every day because they are so enthused and excited by their learning. Our promise is that we will do everything possible to make every day fun, inspiring and motivating for your child and to make sure that each and every child is given the opportunity and support to be the very best they can be!

‘Aiming Higher, Achieving More, Together’ – a philosophy that underpins all that we do.

We will:

  • provide all children with an outstanding and inspiring education within a caring and nurturing environment.
  • value pupils’ individuality and celebrate their unique gifts and talents through a range of opportunities designed to help achieve personal and academic excellence.
  • promote the values of friendship, compassion, justice, courage and perseverance.
  • motivate and inspire children to explore and learn about the world around them through our creative curriculum
  • help to develop an awareness of their roles within the community and to prepare them for healthy, active lives that embrace technology.

Dr Penny Fitch

Vision Statement


29 November 2022

Why is Christmas important to Christians?

The children in Primrose Class enjoyed a Christmas Experience at St Michael's Church today. There were 5 different stations that allowed the children to explore the Christmas Story that Christians believe is so important. This involved learning about the preparations Christians make, the impo...

21 November 2022

Children in need

The children in Dandelion looked fab in their 'ME' outfits for this year's Children In Need Day. There were lots of Pudsey themed activities today and in cooking we made cheesy Pudsey puffs! 

20 November 2022

Meeting Florence Nightingale and a Modern-Day Nurse

On Tuesday, the children in Primrose Class had some very special visitors. One of them was Florence Nightingale and the other was a modern-day nurse! They began their visit by doing a wonderful talk about life as a nurse for Florence and comparing this to life as a nurse now. The children asked s...

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